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Online Workshops With Jenna!

Get access to some of the most powerful techniques and practices that Jenna has to offer!
On this page you will find the latest free online workshops and trainings on the art of mindfulness, holistic health, and empowerment.
If you feel stuck, unable to move forward in life or you are repeating the same patterns over and over then these tools are for you!
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Find out…

How to create more peace and harmony in your life
  • What it takes heal your body and live a healthy lifestyle
  • How to see the things you don’t like in your life differently so you can overcome them!

Find out…

How to get off the fence when you are stuck and can’t move forward
  • What it takes to be confident in knowing you are making the BEST decision every single time
  • How YOU can become a Decision Making NINJA and make all your decisions in 10 seconds flat!

You Will Learn:

  • How to go from feeling WORTHLESS to feeling TALENTED & AMAZING
  • What it takes to MANIFEST the life you want…Get out of your COMFORT ZONE and gain the CONFIDENCE you crave
  • How to change YOUR THOUGHTS once and for all!
    How to TRUST your gut and never look back!
  • One simple trick that will have your soul guiding and directing your life’s path from this day forward!
  • How to practice gratitude daily and find the silver lining in ANY situation!