What inspires you? Renew your sense of purpose and motivation!

February 27, 2018

what inspires you

When you have time to tune into something, what do you listen to? What inspires you? What lifts you up? From new music to stream, talk radio to listen in on, audiobooks to indulge in or my favorite podcasts to catch up on, there is certainly no shortage of things that I can listen to when my schedule allows.

While it may seem like my mood often determines where I hit ‘play’, I have learned over the years that I naturally gravitate towards whatever media source is going to meet my most prevalent need in the moment.

If I need to move and de-stress, I stream my favorite music.

If I need to be entertained, I download an engaging audiobook.

If I need to catch up on current events, I turn on talk radio.

More often than not though, I find that by seeking out various podcasters around the web, I am able to learn something new, feel inspired and renew my sense of purpose all at the same time.

If you happen to be new to the podcast world, I highly encourage you to start asking your friends and family if they have any recommended channels. There is a lot of fantastic content out there just waiting to educate, inspire, challenge and engage you. I love podcasts that broaden my horizons and deepen my knowledge about topics I’m interested in.

I have grown so much as a person through other people’s willingness to open up their lives and put their voices online in the form of a podcast. I’m grateful for each and every podcaster who has taken the time to regularly share their thoughts and expertise with me through their channel.

It’s no small feat to consistently share a message close to your heart – and the behind the scenes work of getting that message published and ready for download is anything but easy.

Because of my own gratitude and deep appreciation for the incredible men and women who have shared their messages with me on their podcasts, I have stepped out and started a podcast of my own.

I’ve been tinkering in the podcast arena for about a year and it’s been a pretty public journey of me striving to find the right message to share.

I am always trying to be the best version of myself on a day to day basis while simultaneously trying to help the people around me be the best versions of themselves too. My first podcasting adventure was a show called, “Pursue Your Potential”.

I decided to wrap the show up before meeting my original goal of 30 episodes because producing that podcast taught me that my message is both bigger and more focused than helping others pursue their potential.

That topic will always be a part of me and is foundational to the message I carry with me today. However, what I learned is that helping others pursue their potential is actually just one aspect of my overall passion, which is to help people mend themselves well.

I get excited about this topic because it’s different for everyone and yet there are endless ways to latch onto something that can heal and transform you regardless of what area of your life needs mending.

So what inspires you? What gets you moving in a positive more balanced direction? If you’re feeling a little restless and you’re looking for a topic that might resonate with you and your story, I encourage you to click below and listen in on my ‘Mend Yourself Well’ podcast.

I have had the opportunity to interview experts on a wide variety of wellness topics that have been enriching and educational. I have many more experts lined up for future interviews so if you don’t see anything that peaks your interest now, feel free to check back in the days and weeks to come.

With Love,

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