The Most Important Quest

March 16, 2018

the most important quest

I’ve been M.I.A.

Sorry…. but not sorry!

I’ve felt like I was lacking the ability to share anything worthy over the last few weeks as I’ve been stretched thin with a big speech, launching a group coaching program, and of course, finding time to work on me because remember…. I am mending myself whole and well each and every single day!!!

I had an epiphany and am so excited to be back sharing with you!!!

The Most Important Quest is YOU!!! Searching for yourself! This episode is all about the importance of self-discovery. I truly believe this is the key to my happiness. My growth. My purpose. My journey needs self-discovery and so does yours.

In October of 2015 was the turning point for me after struggling with depression for an entire year… and I credit my journey of self-discovery to getting me out of that dark place.

And this journey of self-discovery (the most important quest) keeps evolving! You would think after 2.5 years I wouldn’t have much left to learn… but that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Around every challenge, struggle, speed-bump… there is a new lesson to learn about myself. Yes… myself. Not my husband. Not anyone else but myself. My energy has been focused inward and I’ve enjoyed the process.
Stay tuned for the next episode where I share the best ways to begin learning about yourself!!!


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