Tension, Trials and the results of trying to FORCE life to happen

April 10, 2018


Force was my middle name. All the tension, the trials, and tribulations.

It felt like my life and business was just me pushing a giant metaphorical boulder up a mountain….

Would I ever get there? Would I ever NOT have to struggle.

The vision I had to have it all, to be more and to make an impact just seemed so unreachable, and no matter what I tried I just couldn’t seem to find momentum. Sometimes it even felt like I was moving backwards. And the more I struggled, the more I tried to force, the more I actually craved & pursued accomplishing something tangible. The idea of giving up played tug-a-war with the desire to achieve success. It just went on and on… for YEARS!

And then something changed. Something within me. Something greater than me.

First it started with a commitment of defining the theme I wanted more of in my life. Something, just one thing, I could put my focus and attention to, that by just purely doing this one thing, would make everything else around me, within me and before me better, easier, more effective.

That’s when I chose one theme that would weave through every part of my life; somewhere I could spend my time, energy and focus. The one element that would get all of my attention. And that one theme became “MANIFEST”!!!

Manifest became my mantra.  For months, I pushed positive love, attention, and the very best thoughts towards manifesting my dreams. I wrote them down. I put them on my mirror. I obsessed over them. I meditated over them. I put myself in the space of FEELING exactly what those dreams would feel like if they became reality. And I started to the work within me to uncover WHO I had to become in order to step into a new way of experiencing life.

I had to make another decision if this was going to work. I HAD to, for the first time, put aside all the other thoughts that would get in my way. The fear, the doubt, the worry, the insecurities, and the limiting beliefs that I didn’t deserve what I wanted. It was all or nothing and my new path couldn’t afford to have these heavy burdens of emotions one more day.

And finally, things started happening. Things are happening. My dreams are being created right in front of my eyes (without using force). At my fingertips. They are actually tangible.

Everywhere I look; behind me, in front me and within me.

The feeling of flow, alignment, congruency, balance, peace, joy and purpose are finally defining me and the elements that make up my very essence.

I am in awe and overwhelmed with feelings of gratitude. And, it’s just the beginning!

Now, my next dream is to help other women discover this reality in their own lives.

Are ready to experience a new reality? If so, connect with me!